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Summer Academy

International La Salle Summer Academy

The International La Salle Summer Academy is an initiative where visiting lecturers from accredited institutions around the world, come to Bogota-Colombia to give interdisciplinary short term courses addressed to international and national students in the months of June and July. For 2018, the Summer Academy focused on issues of innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainable development oriented to become aware of the problems that today’s world is facing.

Some interesting facts about the International La Salle Summer Academy 2018:

More than 500 students from Colombia and other countries applied as students in the short courses taught in English. 8 schools from Universidad de La Salle participated in the interdisciplinary courses, creating a wonderful scenario for exchange of professional knowledge and experience.

7 main general themes:


-Innovation, creativity and technology

-Sustainable development

-Globalization & cultural diversity

-Human rights and social justice

-Social responsibility & leadership

-Capital markets

25 international visiting experts in all professional areas participated at the International La Salle Summer Academy.

19 countries came together for the same cause.

25 interdisciplinary courses were thought at La Salle campus.

27 international students experienced our International La Salle Summer Academy courses.

During the two seasons, 77 Lasallian students and 27 international students had the opportunity to share with faculty members from the United States, India, Mexico, South Africa, Canada, South Korea, Brazil, Turkey and Hong Kong.

We want to thank all the international faculty members and students for joining us this year and for believing in the Lasallian mission of providing an inclusive and high quality education.