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Open Call for Proposals Summer Academy 2024

International teaching opportunity

Universidad de La Salle (Colombia) is pleased to announce opportunities to teach through our international La Salle Summer Academy in June 2024. The invitation is addressed to faculty members (PhD. or PhD candidates) around the world interested in participating as visiting scholars. 

We are seeking proposals for syllabus that can integrate and analyze subjects which can be relevant for students from various academic backgrounds.

Course requirements

Dates: from June 17th to 28th, 2024.

The language of instruction is English.

- Courses are expected to be taught in-person at our campus.

40 hours of classroom contact.

Course requirements

Stipend of USD $1,100  (approx. COP $4.700.000 depending on the exchange rate).

Accommodation: single room on campus for the duration of the course; Airfares: roundtrip (Economy class).

- Cultural activities planned on the weekends.

Breakfast and lunch at campus cafeteria (Does not include weekends). 

Topics to this call

- Artificial intelligence applied to education

- Artificial intelligence applied to economic sciences

- Biodiversity

- Bioeconomics

- Bioinformatics

- Circular Economy

- Decarbonization and Electrification

- Design, Architecture and Construction of Climate-Resilient Infrastructure

- Emotional Intelligence and Well-being

- Energy and Environmental Management

- Ethics and governance in interaction with AI.

- Green Finance

- Health and well-being

- Innovation Automation and Productivity

- International geopolitical tensions and impact on macroeconomic indicators

- Multiculturalism, interculturality, transculturality in language teaching

- Public Health and Climate

- STEM Education: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

- Sustainable Agricultural Production

- Sustainable Infrastructure Development and Natural Resource Management

- Territory, social inclusion and productive transformation

Deadline for proposals: February 15th, 2024

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