Our university received 31 incoming students from all around the world

Our university received 31 incoming (international & national) students from all around the world, that is, France, Italy, Mexico, Peru, New Zeland and so on. This diverse group of students will be enrolled for an academic semester/year or participating in short courses at our institution. The main goal for the International Affairs Offices is to provide a diverse agenda in terms of what incoming mobility can be for our allies and students, in other words, we want to show the world that Universidad de la Salle can be a high-quality academic destination and a multicultural experience for the incoming students. As a result, for the first time, the School of Business received 3 incoming students from France, these students will be taking courses from the Marketing Management specialization for the whole semester and practicing their Spanish.

Finally, our open call for incoming students is open untill the last week of april, thereby, you can nominate your students so they can have an immersive multicultural and academic experience at Universidad de la Salle, Colombia.