Lincoln University Agribusiness Summer School in Colombia 2023

The academic agenda, coordinated by Lincoln University and Universidad de La Salle, was designed to present an overview of the agricultural sector in Colombia, through classes, practices and technical visits. This was achieved with different allies and also aimed to promote Colombia's natural and cultural diversity, by visiting three different regions in Colombia and through our students in Utopia, Manizales and Bogotá. 

Between January 13th and February 16th, the participants had the opportunity to visit our Utopia-Campus in Yopal, where they had a coffee tasting experience and met a coffee farmers of Tamara, they were also able to experience the best plains, safari style, while contemplating the vast diversity of fauna and flora of Casanare, at the Encanto de Guanapalo Nature Reserve. Other practical experiences were hands-on with tropical agricultrual field and nursery, cattle management, nature hikes, cacaoteros trainers, a vist to the livestock auction, a class on rural lifestyle in Colombia, and an intercultural exchange with the Utopian´s students.

The Bogotá activities, February 3rd to 10th, includes Workshop on Entrepreneurship in Agri-Industry and Agribusiness, hands on cheese-making experience, and technical visits to CasaLuker, Agrosavia, BioTecnologia SENA, Eco láctea and EliteFlower. 

Lincoln University Agribusiness Summer School in Colombia 2023, were awarded by The Prime Minister’s Scholarships for Latin America (PMSLA) are funded by the New Zealand Government and administered by Education New Zealand Manapou ki te Ao (ENZ). This initiatives strengthen the accademyc relaitons  of La Salle  and for the participants have enabled to broaden their horizons through life-changing learning experiences.