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Abet - International Accreditation For Electrical Engineering Program


Universidad de La Salle is pleased to announce that our Electrical Engineering Program obtained the international ABET accreditation on October 2020.

ABET is a nonprofit institution and non-governmental agency that accredits higher education programs in natural and applied sciences. ABET accreditation confers an international recognition to the electrical engineering programs and certifies that the program meets the quality standards and criteria of the profession. This accreditation gives confidence to students, families and employees on the education they receive and confirms that is aligned with national and international needs.

Some of the advantages of this accreditation are:

• Promote the continuous improvement of the programs, based on the evaluation of competencies.

• Facilitate the international recognition of diplomas through the Washington Agreement (once Colombia signs the agreement).

• Expand employment and postgraduate opportunities to graduates abroad.

• Demonstrates the commitment of the University and the Program with world standards for quality education.

• Facilitates the possibilities of student mobility.

In the field of Electrical Engineering, ABET has accredited 396 programs worldwide. In Colombia, 3 programs have received accreditation: Universidad de Los Andes, Universidad del Norte and Universidad de La Salle. As stated by ABET this certification “ensures that graduates have met the educational requirements necessary to enter the profession. Provides opportunities for the industry to guide the educational process to reflect current and future needs. Enhances the mobility of professionals.”