100k project: Bridging Watwerways Across the Americas

Within the framework of the #100KStrongAmericas program, Universidad de La Salle and Northwestern Michigan College initiated a major inter-institutional commitment through a project entitled Brigding Waterways Across the Americas. This articulation has been a joint effort between the two institutions and their respective actors with the purpose of analyzing some water sources, both in Colombia and the United States, that provide tools to work with the communities in the care and protection of species. that inhabit these spaces and the water.

The project included the bi-directional mobility of 12 students and 4 professors from both institutions, touring various places and “learning about the communities and water resources that we have in each region country. They focused on working in the Teusacá river basin in Bogotá and River Boardman in Michigan, also visited some local communities. They took water samples that will serve as comparisons to provide a deliverable that not only serves in public contexts but also with the communities in the areas studied”, explains Marjorie Zomignani Maia, coordinator of International Initiatives at Unisalle.

For Unisalle, these international commitments are of great academic value because we allow collaborative work from different perspectives, but with the same purpose: to help and provide continuous improvement tools for citizens from safe and transparent actions.