Perspectives on Synchronicity, Inspiration and the Soul

Book Launch: Monday 25th of january, 9am (Colombian time).

Rico Sneller (University of Leiden, Technical University of Eindhoven) is a long-time friend of the faculty of Philosophy and Humanities at La Salle, particularly through his work with APGC (Alternative Perspectives and Global Concerns) an academic network with links to our faculty. His most recent book, "Perspectives on Synchronicity, Inspiration and the Soul" is deep, unique, brave and timely: at a time where we experience both the dominance of the ideology of materialism (which precludes discussions on the soul) and where most of modernity's ills stem from illnesses of the soul, Sneller broaches this difficult topic making use of extensive, eclectic and underservedly obscure sources, such as the artistic work of Lygia Clark and Francesca Woodman, or the explorations of the soul undertaken by Ludwig Klages, Carl du Prel or Max Picard.

The faculty of philosophy and  humanities invites you to join Professor Sneller's book launch, together with Orr Schaff (Israel), Ashish Pant (India), David Beth (Germany) and our own German Bula (Colombia). 


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